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Submitted by: Sherry, High Point
I experienced severe back pain for several years. Out of desperation to feel better, I tried everything. You name it, chiropractic, MRI, drugs, (tequila!, kidding), but seriously a lot of treatments, more than I'm noting, with little to no effect. After exhausting every method, I decided to give polarity with Awakenings a try and after 3 treatments, began to feel tremendous results. I consider it a miracle. The follow-up care is tremendous, the counseling of understanding, better, how to listen and understand my body and its needs has proven invaluable. I recommend anyone seeking better health in any way to try Polarity Therapy with Awakenings. It's life changing.

Submitted by: Karla, High Point
I have been battling arthritis for over 11 years. At one point, I was so stiff & sore that I moved like somone very old -- which at 57 I am NOT. Doing Polarity work w/Maria at Awakenings every other week for the last 8 months has made a BIG difference in my mobility as well as how I feel! I was never on medications but wouldn't even need them now! My arthritis is now in remission and I consider Awakenings to be a main reason!

"Maria was professional, empathetic and kind. Will definitely return soon!"

"Sum it up in one word... Incredible. Maria is amazing... I love her and will do it again and again, thanks to LIVINGSOCIAL."

"Maria is excellent at what she does. I am returning for more sessions. What a great discovery. I am so glad I went."

"I have never experienced anything like this. I walked away feeling completely relieved of stress. My body felt washed clean of all worries and pain. I literally shed tears of relief before leaving the room. It was an experience that I would recommend to anyone with everyday stresses of work, family...LIFE. It was well worth the money and time. I will be visiting again!"

"I bought a session for my husband - looking forward to my next one, too! Maria definitely has a marvelous skill she can share with others. HIGHLY recommend her for your energy flow needs!"